WCET Story of success (from nothing to the top 13 in under a year)

It all started in the third largest city in New York State, the home of Eastman Kodak, Xerox and Bausch & Lomb (along with Wegmans, Gannett, Paychex, Western Union, French’s, Constellation Brands, RagĂș, and many others. Growing up in Rochester was awesome,families,mom & pop stores among other things like respect and love for one’s country. I remember sitting in the back seat of dad’s car and he would be cranking talk radio on the AM dial. I would listen intently and try to understand what was being said, shoot when I was a kid my sister and I would sit up listening to spooky radio shows like Friday night frights again on the AM dial. Radio has always been a big part of my life and what’s more is Talk radio has been an even bigger part. I somehow always knew as a child that I was going to be on radio or TV, it was a feeling I felt. I also thought I would be rich but hey ! you can’t always get what you want right ? or can you ? As I grew older I learned a valuable lesson and that is that money is not everything and there are many things that are much more important than money. Like what you may ask ? family,creator,honesty and dignity,how about caring about the world we will leave behind for the next generation ? How about caring about that ? So anyways, I worked many jobs, my first being at age 15 with McDonald’s and from there I went on to do everything from dish washer to stocking shelves at department stores right up to owning my own business. I remember being 16 years old and I was doing some yard work when a man came up and asked me if I know how to paint and I said yes even though I have only painted my dirt bike up to that point.So he hires me and the money was great however I did not like heights and every dam job was mansions in Pittsford,NY  like 40 feet on the ladder, scary stuff to me. So this one day the guy gets this bright idea to pick the workers and off to the rich homes we go. Would be my last day on the job and here is why.

So it is a hot summer morning and we are set to paint a million dollar home and I am working at 40 feet up and down the ladder until I get this idea, how about if I leave the can of paint hooked up top on the ladder and just move the ladder with the pain on it. So I did and the first couple times it worked well and then there was the moment ! The can of pain starts to rock back and forth making the 40 foot extended ladder that I am holding on my shoulder off balance and backwards it goes right through the next door neighbors upstairs window

but not before dropping the paint can and all that was in it to splash down on the beautiful green lawn. I had another bright idea, get the paint off the grass so it is only half as bad, so I got a shovel and flipped the grass over thinking that was a good idea at the time when I should have used the garden hose DUH ! it is also just one more example of why a 16 year old should never vote but I regress. So I bought a house in Rochester,NY in one of the worst areas because one it was affordable and 2 it was 5 bedrooms. I quickly realized what a mistake I made. Drug dealers,hookers,shootings oh yes shootings and the last straw for me was when my house was caught in the middle of a drug dealer’s shoot out and took three bullets. I decided it was time to go and so I packed up after 36 years and left the only home I knew and headed to Mansfield,PA after less than a year there I finally found my way to South Carolina. When I arrived I had an old truck,a tent and 500 bucks to my name. I spent my first week in a tent in the camp ground and the entire week it was 99 degrees. Thank God the campground had a pool. It was destiny that brought me to SC, a place I never gave a second thought about. I ended up here because of someone else’s actions,someone who was attempting to hurt me and oh how it backfired.So I got a job at a seminary in Columbia and got my own place. I come home from work one evening and I am listening to talk radio when over and over again I hear people being hung up on asking legit questions such as the 911 attacks

the time.Little did I know 8 years of hell laid ahead. I got so sick of what has become of the so-called news and talk radio that I looked in to doing a broadcast of some kind. Well I started on U-stream (in Mike’s Corner) was a 30 min no questions just my opinions political podcast I did. That lasted a few months (weekends only) until I came across BlogTalkRadio and it was all there, a board for dummies if you will. So I needed a name now and it had to be catchy and relate to what I would be talking about in a sense.I am sitting trying to think when a car commercial comes on and they say we have the best prices in the midlands and I thought that’s it ! I am doing the show late and at night and in the midlands so it is born Late Night in the Midlands. So I began a new error in talk radio, yes we talked about things that others did but we talked about it in more depth,in more truth and I would not hesitate to call a spade a spade. We before long began pulling in 69 thousands a night and the show began to take off on the internet. I was pulling in all the big hitters from presidential candidates to top names in Ufology,cryptozoology,archaeology and really any topic there was and when you were attacked as much as I have you know you’re on the right track. So speed up a few years I would meet a guy who asked me to build him a radio network so I did ( will not mention the name cause he turned out to be evil)  but it was a successful radio network until I left in 2012 to pursue my own radio station so I started the LNM Radio Network and it was very successful and had a great run. We also had a short stint on Spreaker but I knew if this network was going to be how I envision it then we would need major changes in the way we broadcast. In 2014 I had a heart attack and it was time for change,I took off one week and was back at it and have been ever since. I met a guy by the name of Ira and he helped set up the LNM Radio Network and really put me on a new path. So it was not until 2017 when Ira stepped down and others came in to volunteer for Ira’s job and under Ira’s recommendation I approved it even though something was not right in my gut. I had a bad feeling and my instincts were right however my actions were much too delayed and ultimately I was forced to take a network that I had put blood sweat and tears into and rip it about and I did. I cancelled  every show and shut down the LNM Radio Network because it got away from me and began to be everything I despise. Talk about that another time.

The LNM Radio Network had become one of the top networks in the land however it had no chance the way it was now being run so in Dec 2019 I pulled the plug. It was a shame but had to happen. So then in January 2020 I announced the creation of WCET Radio, the call letters stand for we cover everything. “One of my slogans”  WCET has quickly become one of the top stations on the internet and even covered on some terrestrial radio stations around the nation. We were awarded the 13th most listened to paranormal network (we cover way more than just the paranormal) so not bad when you’re not even trying to be 13th in paranormal. Late Night in the Midlands was ranked 11th most streamed paranormal show and 35th most influential listened to streaming talk show in radio world wide. We have come a long way and in less than a year I have single handedly built what is vastly becoming the number one network in the land at 100% the direction I have always intended. I have put together one of the greatest teams in radio and it is that reason and the hosts who do their shows that makes us so good and what separates WCET Radio from the others is we are real as you’re going to find. Real people covering real issues. We have only just begun and the future looks bright. I have this past month brought in 3 partners to WCET Radio who have a role to play in the growth of this station. Tim Roxbury,Michael Bahas and Riscall Stephens. So if you would like to see and be a part of the continuing growth of this long journey that began 13 years ago come Sept 19th 2020 then you can click the donate button below and I personally thank each and everyone of you who have made this possible through the years to present. So because of you the listener and my will to fight and never give up and those who have helped in our growth through the years thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart. So this is network number 3 now and remember the first one was not mine however I built it, The second one got multiple personalities if I can be so kind and the third (wcet) is kicking ass and going nowhere but up as long as you continue to contribute both in promotion and or financially. Click the link below to contribute.

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