Social Media Declares War on Late Night in the Midlands

Social Media Declares War on LNM Radio

January 16th Fakebook bans me first for 30 days for calling out the election fraud and mind you I had posted the truth. Then Twitter came along an they also ban me because again I posted truth about the election and Hunter the scum bag Biden. I then found every time I sign in I am getting a new ban notice for stuff they are digging up from 2010 and beyond. So I am done with them all together.

I will remove my tweet when Twitter removes it’s lips from China Joe’s ass.

Then LinkedIn got in on the action and reminded me that post about Hunter Biden is against policy however when it comes to Trump’s kids nothing was off the table now was it. I mean should people not know who is walking in their white house ????

I did not post adult content, They make it sound like I posted porn or something. I simply posted a pic of Hunter with woman, noone was naked at all in the pic.

Then finally came You tube who have been slowly killing me since 2017 when they began attacking my sponsors and shutting them down for having my content on their pages. I went from bringing in enough to fund operations to almost broke now because of Google and a few of Googles elves in the form of Stalkers.

I have been on youtube since 2010 with LNM Radio. It used to be a great place but now communism has taken over and Late Night in the Midlands loses even more funding however we will continue to fight for ourselves and all of you despite the constant attacks and worry.

I have NEWS for you Google but you know this already ! THE ELECTION WAS A FRAUD AND SO ARE YOU. I will not bend over for these communist and I hope you wont neither. Lets get off these outlets and find good social media like and and tell these others like FakeBook to go straight to hell where they belong.

So it is so crucial you band with us here on this website and donate to keep us going or we will be unable to fight for you and fight for the truth.

So I am looking for a new place for live video and if they have paid ads like youtube that would be a pluss. Right now just showing they they can not silence me is reward enough.

Michael Vara

Late Night in the Midlands


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