So this is Christmas

The date is 12-22-2020 and in less than thee day most of the nation will gather with friends and family enjoying the exchanging of gifts, love, stories and the best part of all ! Food.
I remember growing up in Rochester NY, a city that once was economically sound and a safe wonderful place to raise a family. All that changed and well so has Christmas really. Growing up my sister & I would go to the tree and shake the gifts to see if we could guess what was in those colorful boxes. We would wake bright and early on Christmas morning and rush downstairs only to wait for Dad to get ready and come downstairs. We could not open gift until he came down them stairs and he and mom got their coffee. So in the mean time my brother would put a bunch of Christmas records in the record player and they would play and then drop one after another till finally dad has arrived. We would open our gifts and mom & dad would always hide the best one and just when you think you opened all of them, a new one would mysteriously appear and it was the best. What I remember more than the gifts is the food and the family. Aunts and Uncles showing up through out the day bringing more gifts and more food WOW those where the days. The older I got the more I learned just how important these days were. I would instill these same traditions in my own children. In 2001 mom passed and everything changed. the holidays did not feel the same anymore. Where is moms lasagna ? I can see the living room floor ! it is usually covered in gifts. Dad continues to repeat how he wishes our mother was here and it is not the same he would say. We all agreed so he was only saying what everyone else was thinking. Then I moved to Carolina for a couple different reasons. I been in SC over 13 years and in that 13 yrs I have only been back to see my family 4 times. It is not because I do not love them but rather the lack of funds and recourses to go back and fourth. I hate that family is split across the states so much, but it is what it is. I mean I can not change that and neither can they. I can imagine how many people are in the same boat  and how many people have it really bad. I guess what I am saying in cherish your family while you still can because it is with these family and friends you will build those memories and you will look back and say, so this is Christmas. Be mindful of those around you who smile on the outside but hurt on the inside.

Merry Christmas to you all

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