Late Night in the Midlands 9/1/2020

First up John Jensen to discuss his book (links coming)

Then John Truman Wolfe joined Michael Vara to discuss covid19 & The economy as well as so much much more.

John Truman Wolfe is a best-selling author and the editor/publisher of the Strategic Financial Intelligence monthly newsletter, dealing with investing, the economy, and politics. He has been a senior credit officer for two California banks and is a co-founder of the Los Angeles-based business management company, Wiseman & Burke, Inc., where he oversaw the business and financial affairs of some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Now retired from Wiseman & Burke, Inc., John currently devotes his time to writing and speaking. John Truman Wolfe is the pen name of Bruce Wiseman.


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John Jensen is a licensed clinical psychologist (Alaska), former officer in the Army Counter Intelligence Corps, former Catholic priest, and long-time educational consultant.  He has worked extensively with groups and individuals of all ages in private practice, agency, and institutional settings, and is author of a three-volume Practice Makes Permanent series that explain how to turn around or accelerate any school classroom in a few weeks.  In 2017 he published We Need a Movement: Four Problems to Solve to Restore Rational Government, and in 2019 Civilizing America: A User’s Guide from the Ground Up, books describing individual and organizational features key to successful social change that are brought together nowhere else, and is glad to help others apply their ideas.  Both books are available inexpensively on Kindle. He has spoken publicly on countless occasions to groups of dozens and thousands and lives in Tucson, Arizona.  Reach him at 520-833-1526 or at

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