LNM Radio13 years on the air and still going

Michael Vara enjoying a Christmas week hello

It all started Sept 19th 2007 when I Michael Vara decided to take a shot at radio, of course I had no idea what that entailed until I actually got going in it. I learned the art of radio much the same way folks today learn college courses, not quiet hands on but more of a pay attention and pick up as much as you can. I was a regular listener to the Art Bell show from 92 until his last show on the internet. I learned a lot from listening to Art Bell and little did I know I would be setting myself up for the future. I started out doing just Friday & Saturday nights and I called the show Mike’s Corner at the time. Yahoo messenger was my call in line and I did not do video and I had no chatroom and finally I only did 30 mins to an hour each time. It was a couple months in and I found Blog Talk Radio and it was then I would come up with the name Late Night in the Midlands and this show would begin to take off. I would do two hours one live & one recorded and you had to get on the phone line if you wanted to hear the second hour live lmao was crazy. I learned the hard ware the hard way because it was not until I was brought in by WOIC 1230am in Columbia,SC before I was thrown at a desk with lots of nice shiny new toys. Like most things I set my mind to I picked up fast and the rest is history. After about 5 years in I created the LNM Radio Network that is now WCET Radio and we have one of the top stations on the net and Late Night in the Midlands does fantastic in the ratings as each year they go up and up and up and it is thanks to all the wonderful listeners who support us every day of every week of every month through thirteen years.

With your help we can do 13 more

take a listen and enjoy the ride.
If you would like to donate to LNM Radio you can do it on the Late Night In The Midlands Show page https://wcetfm.com/shows/late-night-in-the-midlands/

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