Become a LNM Radio Late Nighter

Since the inception of Late Night in the Midlands in ~2008, Michael Vara has persevered and built an entire network of valuable hosts, programmers, and executives.  In December 2019 his priority became to take the station to a Gold Standard after continuous rewards from Paranormal Radio and the listener’s support and continuous growth of his program.

The first mission in place is to determine who the loyal fans and what they want from our network.  Is it streaming access to all the shows, is it personal interaction with the host, is it a community of like-minded people seeking the truth or is it just to support a station while being able to receive special perks.

Do you love the content that Michael is putting out?  Do you want to access more of it?

Become a Late Nighter for $6.99 a month, or $76.99 for a year and get a pdf copy of Michael Vara’s book Lessons from the Other Side, Life After Death is Very Real, and access to all the LNM Radio show archives. If you purchase an annual plan upfront, we’ll send you a discount coupon code for an LNM Radio Novelty t-shirt.

As LNM Radio grows from our market research other Late Nighter Perks are sure to be added, so join today and start contributing your portion toward LNM Radio’s future potential.

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