Ethnic Weapon Covid Depopulation Agenda

Photo Created by Michael Vara & LNM Radio

I have written on this topic in the past and I am at it again because as we move along I put more pieces to the puzzle together and today I have learned more through research and reliable sources but mostly from good old-fashioned investigation and common sense.

I have been right on with this from the start, it was devolved in a lab and it is most definitely being used to go forward with a satanic agenda that has been in the works for some time now. They are using it to usher in the new world order we spoke about for many years, This agenda is in full motion and so far it has stopped at nothing to achieve its the ultimate goal! world dominance and full control of the Untitled States and the rest of the world.

So they closed down cities and states, they closed businesses and cost people the ability to work and provide for themselves, They took American children out of school only to open them up for illegal immigrant children. So Teachers are being called back to schools not to teach your children in a physical classroom but instead to teach children who should not even be here in this country. This is part of the agenda, Dumb down America’s children while educating children from all over Central America. These kids are not coming to America themselves no no no they are being transported to America to fill the classrooms, be indoctrinated to a communist-socialist acceptance and become future voters. Meanwhile back in the “Bat Cave” they are whipping up Ethnic Weapons to kill off white people the same way they created Aids to kill off black men and the Homosexual community mainly men. The war against us all has taken a larger step now as they try to wage war amongst us all. Reparations for black Americans who never once seen a plantation while some cities are granting monthly checks to brown skin Americans and even illegals while doing nothing for white members of the community and again they are only doing this to cause separation and division amongst we the people. They are stirring up this false narrative of Asian Hate now. That too is a falsehood. While we will always have pockets of racism in this country it is not at a critical level anymore as it was so long ago. The way they try and keep it. So this Covid is no more than the bionic flu and like the flu people sometimes die from it. Do you know what else people die from? how about being treated for something you don’t have? because that is what has happened, When you are put on respirators and you do not need to be on one that will be sure to rack up the numbers. They have lied on countless death certificates to provide a false narrative that the covid death numbers are rising when in fact the flu killed way more than this virus that was developed in a lab, paid for by China and approved by Barry Obama. The White man has been deemed the enemy and white men are the lead target and 5g will be yet another aspect to this entire scheme, Remember China has perfected 5g and the LT col told me on this show how with 5g you can Control everything on the planet, Even people.

I would refer you to this site if you think they would never do such a thing.

As COVID-19 rages, flu almost drops off the radar in Oklahoma

The Sooner State has only had 300 hospitalizations for the flu this season. Compare that to 20,000 in 2017-2018.

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