Boom Supersonic aims to fly ‘anywhere in the world in four hours for $100’

Supersonic revival:¬†US startup Boom Supersonic has developed a Mach 2.2 airplane that it says will be three times faster than today’s commercial jets.
Nathan Leach-Proffer, Boom Supersonic

The aviation industry is in crisis, there’s a global push to cut carbon emissions, and many of us haven’t stepped on a plane or hugged far-flung loved ones in more than a year.Reviving the supersonic dream that died with Concorde’s retirement nearly two decades ago seems, at first, like an outrageous fantasy.The British-French airliner Concorde, one of only two supersonic jets to have operated commercially, flew from 1969 to 2003 and was ludicrously expensive and an environmental disaster.But now a fresh bunch of start-ups are working on supersonic and hypersonic projects. Last October frontrunner Boom Supersonic was the first to roll out an actual honest-to-goodness IRL demonstrator aircraft, the XB1.

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