America under siege

To understand what has happened this 2020 election you have to go back and connect the dots. This all started under the Obama administration in 2008 when Barack insane Obama ran against republican fake John McCain.

<> on June 25, 2009 in Washington, DC.

During the debate John McCain knew he and Sara Palin would lose because it was planned  well in advance. See in 2008 some of us knew that Obama was a plant and had a socialist communist agenda but the way it was set up by the criminal mainstream media was if you called Barack Obama out you were called a racist. Sound familiar ? John McCain told Sara Palin to not bring up Obama’s birth certificate or his being born in Kenya, You see, to bring this up would have raised real doubt with the American people and had the mainstream media covered this election honestly it may have gone a whole lot different. Obama with the help of Joe Biden & Hillary Clinton began the process of fundamentally changing America. Turning the people against the police, creating race problems where there was none, leaving our border wide open where millions crossed unchecked and while we were told grandma had to be felt up at the airport for national security reasons any terrorist could have walked right over our border. As a matter of fact Obama would have Border patrol transport these illegals to sanctuary cities. Meanwhile Joe Biden was selling America off piece by piece to China while Clinton was busy taking bribes and stacking the deck in Foreign relations. She sold secrets to Russia and others while they all enriched Iran and pissed on America bringing billions of unmarked American bills in a plane in the middle of the night to one of the biggest sponsors of terrorisum ! Iran. So after 4 years of this clown Obama, people began to wake up and figure out he was not fighting for America, rather he was fighting against the American people but some was just to blind and brainwashed to notice. So in 2012 Obama would run against yet another republican career rhino Mitt Romney who was also in the bag for the socialist Marxist Obama.

The Communist Socialist Party of America machine called the democratic party used a program to flip votes and plenty of ballot harvesting to win his second term and I use the word win very lightly. it was then he began to set up a system of Surveillance on the American people and then in 2016 on then Candidate Donald J Trump and his entire campaign. They did not take Trump seriously and they thought he could not win, they dug up dirt, they lied, they cheated and through all that Donald J Trump would go on to win the presidency and his win would shock the NWO deep state and it would give American hope. It was then they not only took him seriously but they would declare war on the president and anyone who worked with him or followed him or even voted for him. Obama set up a system called “The Hammer” to keep track of Trump supporters of all kinds and has been running the deep state from behind his fortress walls in Washington DC and with democrats. would spend the next four years trying to remove Donald Trump from office with impeachment attempts and a fake Russian hoax Finally when everything they did failed they would turn to the master plan, Plan emergency ! Covid 19 & Election fraud. This Covid 19 was really a plan between China & the deep state to destroy Donald Trump and take down America while punishing all who dare support the big bad orange man. So they lock down the country and destroy the greatest economy the world has ever seen. While forcing masks to be worn even when the science says they are useless,  forced to stay home and not able to work. They closed churches however they cheered on rioters who gathered in the streets to celebrate a false victory which will ignite the mob when this all gets flipped over for President Donald Trump. There has been massive fraud and they are being caught with their hand in the cookie jar despite the fake mainstream media reporting the contrary. This conspiracy is incredibly large and world wide even and when all is said and done the truth will prevail and so will Donald J Trump. NC has flipped over to Trump, Alaska was just called for Trump, Georgia is in a recount as we speak and the word is this state will also flip to Trump and Arizona is very close and Trump is expected to take that state also. Michigan has been a place of much fraud and that state will be sorted out also and may go in Trump’s favor as well it should because this state belongs to Trump until fake ballots are brought in through the middle of the night and now they are BUSTED.  Stay tuned because this is not over not by a long shot !! Trump 2020 do you believe ? I do. Come Trump’s re-election, many of these criminals will go to prison and they know it ! That is why they are so desperate.

Michael Vara

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